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[record scratch, freeze frame]
hi, i bet you're wondering what the fuck

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me: "oh hey thing looks really neat i want that"
anyone reasonable: "ass you will spend a week without sleep trying to get that to work on your wonky setup and then literally never touch it again"
me: "b-but,, thing......"

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css syntax extension proposal - standalone exclamation marks at the end of declarations

syntax: ‹ declaration ![...]; ›

effects: none, but indicates that you're really excited about finally figuring this shit out

can be used multiple times in succession to indicate greater levels of excitement

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if you wanna have secret gay sex Just Do It Nobody Cares

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in the year 3069 we'll be on kernel 4.3834 and it'll feel normal

im not a huge fan of linus's jokey jokes but at the same time i would fucking love to see linux 5.0 never happen

so apparently you can accidentally flash a twrp image to the boot partition and it works? huh

people are like WAIT UR ash THE POKEMON TRAINER???? and im like no im the pokemon, the trainer is ash's monster

this fucking app, installed itself when i updated my phone i guess and it keeps telling me to delete my memes

money update: got patreon and paypal stuff into my bank account, i now have like $500 which should be enough to survive the month... i'd really prefer to have a bit of a buffer for emergencies though, and enough to afford the occasional small non-essential item wouldn't hurt either... paypal and patreon are still of course open for donations.. not as urgent as before, but i'd really appreciate it 💗

if i could change the alphabet i'd make snuglu a letter bc i wanna do that,

:dizzy_trans: professional beanie babie :sparkles_trans:'s choices:

wtf, kity?!

wtf, kity?!