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[record scratch, freeze frame]
hi, i bet you're wondering what the fuck

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me: "oh hey thing looks really neat i want that"
anyone reasonable: "ass you will spend a week without sleep trying to get that to work on your wonky setup and then literally never touch it again"
me: "b-but,, thing......"

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css syntax extension proposal - standalone exclamation marks at the end of declarations

syntax: ‹ declaration ![...]; ›

effects: none, but indicates that you're really excited about finally figuring this shit out

can be used multiple times in succession to indicate greater levels of excitement

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is there precedent for a storage-backed hashtable? like the hashes would be kept in memory, but they'd point to file offsets (or file descriptors) instead of memory locations. i'm thinking that'd be neat for large objects that don't necessarily fit in ram, but i can't think of a real usage rn

my favourite part is that it even styles the stylus popup thingy

holy fucking shit, i just realized that xeyes can't seem to track the cursor in i3 and im not running a compositor so it's not transparent and this is just fucking haunting

addiversary nd erinversary day heckers :blobcatpats::addipats:

"in every job there is to be done there is an element of fun, you find the fun and snap, the job's a game" - mary poppins, gdc talk on game design

what is the fuckin deal with games coming out with sequels that are just confusingly named the same as the first game

cyberpunk future where all torrent hosts have been taken down and the files are disappearing off the internet. you know how this ends, the only way to save the files dearest to everyone is to become: THE SEEDER

wtf, kity?!

wtf, kity?!