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[record scratch, freeze frame]
hi, i bet you're wondering what the fuck

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ky0ko: "it's a cat that has 8 legs and can climb walls"
kity: "so, it's a cat"

whenever any scene in any media starts with water noises and the camera panning down from the sun my brain goes oh it's super mario sunshine now and i get disappointed

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liffy utterances 

@ky0ko she did this with absolutely no prompting or relevance to anything we had been talking abeut

@ky0ko just:
- got up
- walked into the other room
- grabbed a container
- filled it with water
- put it on the bed (spilling water all over)
- dunked her phone in it

- looked at me and said "water cooling"

if computers are so good why havent they made computers 2

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*extremely team rocket voice* 

re: now its lewd and stuff re: kink sorta 

now its lewd and stuff re: kink sorta 

nobody knows why this works's choices:

wtf, kity?!

wtf, kity?!