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[record scratch, freeze frame]
hi, i bet you're wondering what the fuck

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me: "oh hey thing looks really neat i want that"
anyone reasonable: "ass you will spend a week without sleep trying to get that to work on your wonky setup and then literally never touch it again"
me: "b-but,, thing......"

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css syntax extension proposal - standalone exclamation marks at the end of declarations

syntax: ‹ declaration !...]; ›

effects: none, but indicates that you're really excited about finally figuring this shit out

can be used multiple times in succession to indicate greater levels of excitement

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i had an evil thought so i guess i have to see if it's possible

wonder if theres an emulator that can play virtual hydlide at 60fps

shell crimes, aka how to make zsh into rust really badly Show more

lewd stream quote Show more

does anyone have a clip of chuck tingle's appearance i wanna save that shit

omg apparently all the awful handles joey suggests are real handles taken from bbses

this is still my favourite thing in my system monitor setup

tbh ive never seen hackers i was late to last hackers night and only saw the last 5 mins + breenfinding

@Quinntessential is being a hecking meanie she saw my typing indicator and called me cute before i sent my message

when u accidentally hit ctrl instead of shift while scrolling boost if u dont agree

:dizzy_trans: professional beanie babie :sparkles_trans:'s choices:

wtf, kity?!

wtf, kity?!