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css syntax extension proposal - standalone exclamation marks at the end of declarations

syntax: ‹ declaration ![...]; ›

effects: none, but indicates that you're really excited about finally figuring this shit out

can be used multiple times in succession to indicate greater levels of excitement

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sock update: 10 layers not enough, also they're all ankle socks so my ankles are not appreciative

current mood: just put on every sock in my apartment

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i see what everyone means about the masto scrollbars being ugly as fuck in firefox

was using dark theme before

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how did i just rope myself into doing a research survey for uhhh

40 minutes

i didnt even finish but im just, holy fuck are they actively generating new questions on the fly??? is this an open world research survey?

the sega saturn controller port has the same shape as displayport and that fucks me up

wtf, kity?!

wtf, kity?!