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[record scratch, freeze frame]
hi, i bet you're wondering what the fuck

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me: "oh hey thing looks really neat i want that"
anyone reasonable: "ass you will spend a week without sleep trying to get that to work on your wonky setup and then literally never touch it again"
me: "b-but,, thing......"

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does janet get a jantday? for when she first turned to the jort side? i feel like whatever you call the sith for jorts would throw incredible parties

fucked up how neil cicierega invented the internet

im gonna start calling arcade machines pay-per-mario and you can't stop me

@Lexi oh fuk ur not following u cant see my subtootssssssss

petition to name the masto movie night crew "tom and the fuckers"

also we should def have a band with the same name

@tom @djsundog @blackle

two lesbs
vaguely cuddling in bed
like a foot apart
because they have back problems and need to find their own comfortable positions but they still love each other's company and thats ok <3

...huh, chrome on android has multi-window support: if you are in split screen mode, the overflow menu gains an item "move to other window"

:dizzy_trans: professional beanie babie :sparkles_trans:'s choices:

wtf, kity?!

wtf, kity?!