me: "oh hey thing looks really neat i want that"
anyone reasonable: "ass you will spend a week without sleep trying to get that to work on your wonky setup and then literally never touch it again"
me: "b-but,, thing......"

ash if we ever have an apartment it'll be such a mess

@catoutofbed if we ever get an apartment we'll end up freezing to death when i install doom on the thermostat and realize it doesn't do thermostat things anymore

you think this is the first time i've broken a thermostat?

@catoutofbed version 2 i add thermostat capabilities to doom, adjusting the temperature dynamically as i go through different areas. i reach hell and we die of heat exhaustion.

@djsundog @catoutofbed the break room is broken due to the latest kernel update, you gotta fix it first

@kity @catoutofbed
*vaguely remembers getting a commodore 128*
i feel called out

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wtf, kity?!

wtf, kity?!