why is the roll button in zelda games labeled "attack" but doesn't do any damage

@kity It gets more confusing when you realize that Minish Cap actually has a technique labeled Roll Attack that's an actual attack where you stab your sword at the end of the roll.

@fun oh shit yeah i forgot. minish cap is my fave game uwu

@fun it's incredibly linear and sometimes that makes it hard to figure out what to do but it's such a beautiful game with great controls (tho they could've just.. Not dedicated an entire button to kinstone fusion. i'd have loved to be able to hold a third item, or even just be able to quickswap an item in or something. maybe an item selector appears when you hold L and you can select with the dpad? idk)

@fun ok so not great controls, but they feel good to use, except the gust jar which is annoying cuz it takes so long to be able to turn once you release the button

@kity I can feel you there. The gust jar does feel a bit clunky, but it's still one of my favorite items in a Zelda game because it's very multi use and I like how it' very focused on movement be it of an enemy, item, or even yourself.

@kity I think it's very linear in that you can't do dungeons out of order, but half or so of the dungeons do have the kind of branching and exploration you'd expect from 2D Zelda. It's a transition point in the franchise and I think you can really feel it.

@fun it's just kinda linear backtracking from dungeon to sidequest to dungeon and there's not really much stuff you *don't* have to go through to beat the game, besides all the kinstone fusions which aren't really that interesting

@kity :catgirlthinking: now I'm wondering they have L mapped to Kinstones BECAUSE they wanted to keep it to two items. Because this is Capcom and the two item system without a sword clearly resembles how it was done in Link's Awakening and the Oracle game. And obviously Capcom also did the Oracle games, though I'll need to see if it's the same team that did Oracles or not. Granted, that's not necessarily a good reason why to do the controls that way. But tradition might still be why.

@kity Okay I realize it might come off like I'm trying to argue with you ,but I'm not meaning to. Sorry.

@kity But I really like the game a lot too. Just for the love of god, I wish Elzo wouldn't just flat out TELL YOU WHAT TO DO in dungeons and such.

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wtf, kity?!

wtf, kity?!