hashtag stop automatically associating kink with sex 2k18
non-lewd kink is extremely valid and good

@kity im not too sure about this because its a little more complex than this post makes it out to be

i mean one of the fandoms biggest issues is posting kink art as "safe for work" and its very nuch not safe for work

also the way one views kinks is dependant on the individual and can easily make folks uncomfortable =w=

@pupy i mean, depending on the kink it can 100% be used outside a sex context so

@pupy i'm not saying anything about introducing your kink to people nonconsensually, i just mean like not all kink is lewd and it's sometimes frustrating when people imply that it is for various reasons

@pupy like to be clear it's 100% not ok to cross ppls boundaries lewd or not

@pupy i mean, plenty of ppl like tentacles, but they're more than just sex things yk?

@pupy on that note one of my actual kinks is being held and feeling safe so thats def not inherently horny tho it def plays into lewd stuff yk?

@pupy uwu
but yeah like theres def kinks that are inherently horny just bc of the things they involve, its just kinda frustrating when ppl reduce kink as a whole to a horny thing?

@pupy well i mean petplay is separate from bein a critter but yeah def everything needs to be consensual when it comes to kink

@pupy mmm idk it's contextual yk? like i think girls are cute/cool but i also think theyre hot af sometimes,

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wtf, kity?!

wtf, kity?!