hey my bank account is currently overdrawn bc of a surprise hospital trip the other day, i guess now's as good a time as any to plug my stuff? i feel bad asking for money but i've been running very low lately and have had some extra expenses due to rsi and stuff. would really appreciate whatever yall can give
patreon: patreon.com/ashkitten
paypal: paypal.me/ashkittens

hey since i don't have a public account i don't have very many followers that can actually do anything about my situation so anyone who can boost this please do so and if you can help i'd really appreciate it. i'll hopefully be out of this shit in some months if i can just survive till then 💗


money update: got patreon and paypal stuff into my bank account, i now have like $500 which should be enough to survive the month... i'd really prefer to have a bit of a buffer for emergencies though, and enough to afford the occasional small non-essential item wouldn't hurt either... paypal and patreon are still of course open for donations.. not as urgent as before, but i'd really appreciate it 💗

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wtf, kity?!

wtf, kity?!