interesting to hear @cwebber talk about his initial visions for activitypub and how they differ from the fediverse today.. specifically with regard to how different activitypub servers now are branding themselves as "x for the fediverse" and doing a lot of management of content whereas the initial thought was that we'd have servers that were just thin layers to facilitate interaction between clients (if i'm understanding correctly?)

@cwebber kinda weird to think how the fediverse would be different now if servers were just.. serving content and not trying to be the clients themselves, in a sort of convoluted way?

@kity @cwebber my hope is to kinda sorta help push back towards that model

like if nothing else I think we're wasting so much compute and storage power client-side

@ninjawedding @cwebber it's interesting and i think i'd love to see more power put back in the grasp of the user like that

@kity @cwebber I'm excited to see where Spritely takes it

(jortjams is also a low-key experiment on grafting a very different interface on existing data, nowhere near as ambitious but I think it gets the idea across)

@kity Thinner for sure than they are today, but not necessarily emaciated ;)

But yeah, the vision of multiple clients being able to speak to multiple servers is based on that we *successfully demonstrated that* with MediaGoblin and you could use clients with either, and they could federate with each other.

Sadly the federation branch bitrotted *because* of shifting my work on ActivityPub, but we did show that could happen there.

@cwebber i'd actually really like to see what it'd be like if we stripped down an activitypub server to be as barebones as possible, just enough to facilitate communication between clients and the rest of the fediverse.. i think it'd be a cool experiment to see how that works out and how it could be iterated on?

@cwebber i think what you said about c2s being basically the same sort of thing as s2s sorta rang with me and i want to see how far we could take that to bring more flexibility and power to clients?

@kity @cwebber i'd love to see generic ap servers in every language and i wish i had the tech skills to make it happen. i'm currently futzing around with python to make a vanilla as/ap implementation that can be used in both servers and clients (or monolithic packages, even!), but my biggest limitation is not knowing python well enough + needing time/money to survive and work on it

@kity Btw I think @emacsen raised an interesting point in that panel about the "streams" property, which nobody is using

That's an interesting underexplored ways of delivering video, audio, microblog, etc content all separately.

We did put it in there for pretty much that reason and I forgot it was there! It was interesting to see that other implementors didn't even know about it.

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wtf, kity?!

wtf, kity?!