@kity Aye. They're either a lumberjack's assistant, a gender-neutral title or a parental figure, depending on which letter you cut out.

@kity Haha. No. The Threeletter thing is based on my frustration at people trying to figure out what my name is short for (it isn't short for anything)

@ThreeLetterMax thats funny my name is short for "ash is a fucking cutie also its not actually short for anything honestly why would it matter i asked you to call me this thats just What You Do"

@kity ugh. Large mood. Funny how the people that DO insist on filling in non-existent blanks with people's names are the same people that go "but remembering names is haaaaard" when you correct them, isn't it?

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wtf, kity?!

wtf, kity?!